We’re in the people business.

About us

The best of both worlds.

PeopleCaddie is a dynamic, forward-thinking company that is upending the traditional model of staffing. Using advanced AI technologies, we are uniquely able to offer high quality matches, quickly, consistently and thoroughly. We rely on this technology and our staffing managers to provide a hybrid staffing solution that is tailored to individual customer needs. We like to call that: technology when you want it, people when you don’t.

Partnership is everything

We consider ourselves partners to both our clients and our contract talent. We provide a transparent and accountable platform with verified performance ratings, work histories, and feedback. We also provide pricing transparency so there are no hidden fees to finding the best talent for your roles. 


The people behind PeopleCaddie

Tim Rowley

Chief Executive Officer

Austin Fox

Chief Revenue Officer

Bert Allen

Chief HR Officer

Leroy Jackson

VP, IT & Technology

Sean Pratscher

VP, Business Development

Chris Whitton

VP, Finance

Jori Mitchell


Lars Asbjornsen

Sr. VP, Marketing


PeopleCaddie in the news

Amidst the mounting pressures of evolving workforce cultures, rapidly changing technologies, and economic uncertainties, finding the right talent has become less like …

As some states enact pay transparency regulations, the temperature for support varies broadly across different generations. 


MBE Certified

PeopleCaddie is certified as Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). As one of the few MBE-certified staffings firms, PeopleCaddie stands out for delivering resources for multiple verticals across all fifty states while also having the scale to function as the employer of record for contractors.