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As some states enact pay transparency regulations, the temperature for support varies broadly across different generations. 

PeopleCaddie talked to IT Pro about the wave of layoffs impacting the tech industry worldwide.

Recently featured in the Los Angeles Times, Tim Rowley discussed how layoffs in the tech industry impact independent contractors.

Venting about your employer or layoff may cause you to go viral on social media, but will likely hurt your job prospects moving forward.

The choice to continue offering remote or hybrid work options versus returning to the office has been contentious between employers and employees.

Gen Z may feel like they're missing out on the traditional benefits of office work, like networking and the face time needed for career progression.

Whether explicitly or unofficially, employers have always classified their workers based on those employees’ perceived utility to the company. To be clear, …

This article originally appeared in The Sun in April 2023.  ARTIFICIAL intelligence has hit headlines with Tesla boss Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak calling for a six-month halt on …

One of the more significant effects of the pandemic on the business world was the mass rethinking of work-life balance that followed. …

As recently as five years ago, a significant gap in a job candidate’s resume would have been a dealbreaker for many hiring …

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PeopleCaddie was recently featured in Employee Benefit News on how leaders can make the return to in-person work a positive experience.