The New Era of Hybrid Staffing: Full-Service, Fully AI-Enabled

diverse coworkers sitting at conference table on computer

Amidst the mounting pressures of evolving workforce cultures, rapidly changing technologies, and economic uncertainties, finding the right talent has become less like a task and more like navigating a labyrinth. AI empowers companies to trawl vast data oceans, identifying candidates that resonate with intricate role specifics, whether it’s hard technical skills, soft skills, cultural nuances, […]

How to Win Over AI During the Hiring Process

This article originally appeared in The Sun in April 2023.  ARTIFICIAL intelligence has hit headlines with Tesla boss Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak calling for a six-month halt on research into it. But the tech is already used to screen job app­lications. Here HR expert Tim Rowley, from the platform, reveals how to win over the AI hiring managers. 1. Include […]

Part-Time Executives: Everything You Need to Know

One of the more significant effects of the pandemic on the business world was the mass rethinking of work-life balance that followed. For some, that meant carving out more free time, travel opportunities or work-from-home flexibility. For others, it meant answering a simple but hugely significant question: Should I continue working at all? Most of […]

Return to Work Programs: What You Need to Know

As recently as five years ago, a significant gap in a job candidate’s resume would have been a dealbreaker for many hiring companies. But after the pandemic pushed hundreds of thousands of workers into caregiver roles and early retirements, numerous organizations have experienced difficulty staffing up in the corporate growth cycle that has followed. Particularly […]