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The accounting and finance consulting services industry landscape is rapidly changing. Fast-growing companies are looking for best-in-class, mobile and agile services, but traditional financial consulting services are often unable to provide critical support on-demand for these companies and others in need of agile leadership and quality.


PeopleCaddie is transforming how big firm finance and accounting services are delivered with best-in-class, mobile, and agile services. Specifically, our hybrid consulting solution delivers the following advantages:

Big firm experience and skills at scale. 

Meet surges in client demand for all levels of finance and accounting staffing services.

Speed, agility, and highly competitive pricing.

Fast access to PeopleCaddie’s talent bench depth and breadth with a highly competitive pricing model.

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Public Accounting Firm Boosts Audit Busy Season Revenue Nationwide with PeopleCaddie


of contractors received a perm offer


nationwide audit season contractor supplier


reduction in hourly contingent labor cost


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