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Public Accounting Firm Boosts Audit Busy Season Revenue Nationwide with PeopleCaddie


Our sales team forges strong connections with enterprise and midsize businesses. Their days revolve around facilitating meaningful collaborations that drive growth and deliver opportunities for clients and contract talent alike. Through transparent communication, a solutions-oriented approach, and a dedication to fostering long-term partnerships, the sales team at PeopleCaddie is constantly raising the bar. 


The marketing team at PeopleCaddie works daily to amplify the presence and impact of our platform within the dynamic landscape of independent work. Our focus is to communicate the value and benefits of PeopleCaddie’s unique approach to potential clients, partners, and talent. Through compelling storytelling and data-driven insights, we aim to showcase the transformative power of our platform in revolutionizing how work gets done. 

Empowering Audit Season Efficiency

Contract talent from PeopleCaddie were instrumental in enabling a large public accounting firm to rapidly staff resources that it needed throughout the country to support audit busy season. In addition to identifying several high-caliber resources that assuaged the partners’ concerns about utilizing contractors, PeopleCaddie was also able to save the firm a substantial amount of money and set them up for repeated success in future busy seasons.


of contractors received a perm offer


supplier of audit busy season contractors nationwide


reduction in hourly contingent labor cost


A large U.S.-based public accounting firm was staffing up to meet the increased demand for large-scale audit engagements in several metropolitan areas throughout the country. In addition to its internal recruiting team, the firm was working with a group of large national and regional staffing firms but was having difficulty finding enough high-quality assurance contractors (Seniors and Managers), particularly at a price point that would allow them to hit company margin targets.

With audit busy season rapidly approaching, the firm was looking for a scalable solution that would enable them to quickly find the needed talent, contain costs, assist with efficiently managing its contract labor force, and set them up for repeated success during future busy seasons. Rather than engaging yet another traditional staffing agency, the firm decided to try PeopleCaddie’s “talent cloud for the emerging gig economy.”

Within 3 months, PeopleCaddie became the firm’s top supplier of assurance contractors nationwide, and during the following busy season, PeopleCaddie outperformed its closest competitor by 20 placements to 1.

With the support of PeopleCaddie, the firm was able to significantly increase assurance busy season revenue nationwide and expand market share while decreasing hourly contract labor costs by 20%.


PeopleCaddie’s Hybrid Staffing Helped Client to Staff More Engagements and Reduce Costs

Based upon the strength of PeopleCaddie’s performance during the previous busy season, the firm engaged with PeopleCaddie early in its planning process. This advanced engagement enabled the firm to take maximum advantage of PeopleCaddie’s full-service recruiting team that’s enabled by AI search and match technology.

PeopleCaddie was able to instantly connect with several resources who had worked with the firm during the previous busy season and secure commitments before these scarce resources had committed to working elsewhere or a bidding war had erupted. Additionally, the client was able to rehire them at a substantial discount off PeopleCaddie’s already-low standard markups. This enabled the client to save even more money while generating revenue on audit engagements that they may have had to turn down.


At PeopleCaddie, our recruiting team is driven by a clear mission: to identify and engage the most exceptional independent professionals for our client’s needs. We are dedicated to meticulously matching skills, experience, and cultural fit to ensure the perfect alignment between freelancers and projects. The team nurtures a vibrant network of talent, fostering professional growth, and providing a seamless onboarding experience. By maintaining a strong commitment to quality, integrity, and a deep understanding of industry trends, the recruiting team at PeopleCaddie plays a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of our talent and the businesses we serve.

PeopleCaddie High-Touch Service Minimized the Time Required from Hiring and Program Managers

To ensure that the client was able to move quickly on available contractors, PeopleCaddie provided an extremely high level of support to the contingent labor program managers and hiring managers. PeopleCaddie provided a dedicated client success team comprised of a relationship manager and a recruiting coordinator, with a pre-defined escalation process for any issues/situations that required higher-level attention. 

In addition to sourcing and vetting experienced assurance contractors, PeopleCaddie coordinated interviews, negotiated pay rates, handled the extension of offers, background checks, onboarding, payrolling, contractor oversight and at the end of assignments, conversions or offboarding for all contractors. The client appreciated the high-level of support that PeopleCaddie provided.


The Close Collaboration with PeopleCaddie Generated Dramatic Results

30% of PeopleCaddie contractors received perm offers.

PeopleCaddie was able to quickly find high-quality assurance resources throughout the country who were on par with internal resources. As a testament to their quality, 30% received perm offers at the end of their assignments.

#1 supplier of audit busy season contractors nationwide.

By rapidly providing access to highly-talented professional contractors at competitive rates without any geographic limitations, PeopleCaddie was able to become the firm’s top vendor of contingent assurance resources nationwide.

Hourly contingent labor staffing costs were reduced by 20%.

The client was able to reduce expenses by leveraging its “private talent cloud” comprised of new and previously used PeopleCaddie resources, who they were able to rehire at a steep discount to prevailing market rates.