PeopleCaddie talked to IT Pro about the wave of layoffs impacting the tech industry worldwide.

Tim Rowley argues these layoffs, particularly at massive companies, have more to do with C-suite executives capitalizing on an opportunity for a reshuffle than it does any real or perceived economic uncertainty. For him, these layoffs are in large part the result of business leaders who know they won’t be judged as harshly for making such sweeping cuts now.

“If you look at the balance sheets of these big tech companies, and you see that, in some cases, they have billions of dollars in cash stacked up, they clearly have the financial resources to weather the storm,” he tells IT Pro. “I would posit that the CEOs, in particular, and the leadership teams at these big tech companies are being opportunistic. What I mean by that is, occasionally the markets present you with an opportunity to both right size expenses and realign expenses with your current priorities.”

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