Refer Your Connections, Build Your Income

Earn cash by making referrals

Finding the right opportunity is never easy and it usually takes the power of your network to help you. We have launched a referral program that rewards you for assisting your friends in finding great job opportunities. Your friends get great jobs and you earn passive income. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario.

Earn Cash Rewards

We offer real cash rewards up to $1,000 for each candidate you refer who gets hired.

Multiple Ways to Earn

Earn rewards for candidates you refer and those that your candidates refer who get hired.

Track in Real Time

Keep track of your referrals and earnings in real-time through our easy-to-use dashboard.

How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

After signing in to PeopleCaddie, you can view the job board. When you click into a job, there’s a bar at the top that lists the maximum referral reward which indicates that that job is eligible for referrals. At the bottom of the job posting, there’s a button that says, “Refer a Friend”. You’ll fill in your friends name, email address and phone number and click “Submit” in order to refer them. 

You should receive an email from PeopleCaddie letting you know that someone referred you to a job. You can click on the link in that email to officially apply. 

There are multiple layers to the rewards including sourcing (bringing new talent to PeopleCaddie) and matching (referring talent to specific jobs). 

If you have referred someone to a job and they create a profile and apply, eventually getting hired, you will receive the highest level of reward.

We also will reward you with up to three levels of referrals – meaning that if you refer someone and they end up referring someone else, you will still receive part of the credit if their candidate is placed, and so on.  Referral rewards are subject to change.

At this time, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Feel free to refer multiple candidates to the same job and invite as many people as you want to the network. 

Referral rewards are only awarded after your candidate has been placed in a role. Payouts are not sent until after PeopleCaddie has received payment from the client for a minimum of 160 hours of billed work (4 weeks of full-time work). Rewards range up to $1,000 USD and only apply to U.S. residences.

You are eligible for payment of your referral rewards after PeopleCaddie has received payment from the client for a minimum of 160 hours of billed work (4 weeks of full-time work). Reward payouts are done on a monthly basis.

If you sign in to your Candidate Profile, you can access your Referral Dashboard on the bottom left hand side. From there, you can view a Summary Tab, as well as Referral and Invite tabs that track the status of everyone that you have referred or invited. 

Referring someone means that you sent the application for a specific job to a person. Inviting someone means that you have invited someone to the network that did not previously have a profile and they set up a profile. You can receive both referral and invitation rewards if those that you have referred and invited are placed on job assignments.

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