Case studies

PeopleCaddie’s Hybrid Staffing Helped a Client to Find Scarce Talent for their Engagements


Our sales team forges strong connections with enterprise and midsize businesses. Their days revolve around facilitating meaningful collaborations that drive growth and deliver opportunities for clients and contract talent alike. Through transparent communication, a solutions-oriented approach, and a dedication to fostering long-term partnerships, the sales team at PeopleCaddie is constantly raising the bar. 


The marketing team at PeopleCaddie works daily to amplify the presence and impact of our platform within the dynamic landscape of independent work. Our focus is to communicate the value and benefits of PeopleCaddie’s unique approach to potential clients, partners, and talent. Through compelling storytelling and data-driven insights, we aim to showcase the transformative power of our platform in revolutionizing how work gets done. 

Boosting SPAC Project Success

A large U.S.-based public accounting firm was having difficulty staffing up to meet the demand for transaction advisory services (TAS) projects. These TAS projects for SPAC clients were highly profitable for the firm, but industry-wide SPAC volume had ramped up quickly, leading to a resource-constrained environment. By partnering with PeopleCaddie, they were able to rapidly staff to meet demand with high-quality contract resources and grow their revenue.


Supplier of TAS SPAC Contractors Nationwide


TAS Projects




Due to a strong wave of SPAC activity nationwide, demand for TAS projects was high. After attempting to address its resource needs by shuffling existing staff and working with its internal recruiting team to source external talent, the firm still needed to quickly find additional resources. Given the highly-specialized nature, the firm was looking for Seniors and Managers with 2 – 6 years of transactional advisory experience at a Big 4 firm or a reputable investment bank.

They simultaneously reached out to a group of traditional staffing firms and to PeopleCaddie, a full-service staffing firm enabled by AI. PeopleCaddie was able to fill 80% of the positions, with the traditional staffing firms collectively filling the remaining 20%. On average it took one week between receiving the job request and placing a candidate.

With the support of PeopleCaddie, the firm utilized contractors across 20+ TAS clients, increasing transaction advisory services revenue for the firm.

PeopleCaddie’s High-Touch Service Saved the Firm Time and Effort

To ensure that the client was able to move quickly on identified contractors, PeopleCaddie provided an extremely high level of support to the TAS partners. PeopleCaddie assigned a dedicated client success team composed of a relationship manager and a recruiting coordinator, with a pre-defined escalation process for any situations that required higher-level attention.

PeopleCaddie is known for its hybrid staffing paradigm – a strategy that harnesses the predictive power of AI with the human insight of recruiting, offering businesses the agility and precision they need in this dynamic talent market. This allowed the public accounting firm to hire faster, filling more openings with less internal effort.

During the process, PeopleCaddie:

  • Sourced and vetted TAS contractors with desired backgrounds
  • Coordinated interviews
  • Negotiated pay rates
  • Handled offers and background checks
  • Onboarded and payrolled hires
  • Provided contractor oversight
  • Helped with conversions and offboarding as well as contract extensions


At PeopleCaddie, our recruiting team is driven by a clear mission: to identify and engage the most exceptional independent professionals for our client’s needs. We are dedicated to meticulously matching skills, experience, and cultural fit to ensure the perfect alignment between freelancers and projects. The team nurtures a vibrant network of talent, fostering professional growth, and providing a seamless onboarding experience. By maintaining a strong commitment to quality, integrity, and a deep understanding of industry trends, the recruiting team at PeopleCaddie plays a pivotal role in shaping the success stories of our talent and the businesses we serve.


The Close Collaboration with PeopleCaddie Generated Dramatic Results

Quickly Placed Quality Talent

They secured highly-scarce, Big-4 quality TAS contractors who were indistinguishable from internal resources. 88% of the resources that were placed had their initial contracts extended and 29% of those that extended received and accepted offers to convert to permanent employment.

Revenue Growth

By having the resources on hand, they captured incremental revenue by being able to adequately staff more SPAC-driven TAS engagements rather than being forced to turn down the business due to a lack of resources.

Stay on Budget

Containing contingent labor staffing costs enabled the partner’s group to meet margin objectives and increase profitability. With transparent margins from PeopleCaddie, the firm was able to staff higher-quality contractors at a better price than traditional staffing firms.