We talk a lot at PeopleCaddie about the value of hybrid staffing and the importance of building a workforce with the right balance of contractors and full-time staffers. Generally speaking, contract talent can be hired faster, at a lower overall cost, while providing a company business flexibility in any market. But what about where to find those contractors?

Some of the largest organizations maintain their own network of contractors – a massive human resources investment that still doesn’t always meet a company’s needs. (If tax auditing is your organization’s business, you probably aren’t ideally equipped to hire a cybersecurity administrator.) This is why companies have often turned to a third-party vendor for hiring help – usually a traditional staffing agency. And while working with an agency may be more effective than building out a well-rounded in-house HR staff with the capacity to fill both your full-time and contract reqs, it isn’t necessarily the most effective option.

Traditional staffing firms can be expensive, time consuming, and lack transparency. PeopleCaddie has taken the pain points of the traditional model and created a hybrid staffing model that’s efficient, effective, and tailored to your specific business. Here are some of the ways that hybrid staffing wins. 

Quality Candidates 

Our hiring platform attracts career contractors because we have incredible clients and a niche working exclusively with contract job orders. Our expert recruiters vet all candidates and after each engagement, collect feedback and performance ratings from their hiring managers. As roles come in, they work to source candidates and match them to your requirements based on a combination of their skills and experience. Each hiring manager receives a shortlist of candidates based on who they have screened for the role.

Speed to Hire

You may be familiar with the traditional staffing model and how they typically share success metrics like how many weeks or days it takes to find placements. At PeopleCaddie, we measure success in hours. Our goal is to fill each role with the right hire quickly, so our contract talent can be the most productive possible for you. 

Control Over the Process 

PeopleCaddie’s staffing solutions is people when you want them, technology when you don’t. You get to be as hands on or off as you want – it’s your choice. Our staffing managers are skilled in managing client job orders and making sure you have an incredible experience every step of the way, but our platform is easy enough that you can post a job whenever and wherever you want. 

Verifiable Credentials

Traditional staffing agencies typically aren’t as connected to, or familiar with, the talent they eventually put in front of their clients. They lack an overarching strategy, often playing the volume game, rather than focusing on effectiveness. The PeopleCaddie platform, by comparison, allows employers to access our network of talent, including verified ratings and performance histories of candidates – all of it provided by previous employers.

The level of specificity within each profile, as well as the ability to verify a candidate’s credentials, aren’t just competitive advantages for companies hiring contractors – they’re game changers. And we can curate the experience for you, offering you varying levels of touch – all the way up to our white glove service, depending on your comfort level and the significance of the hire. In short, PeopleCaddie provides technology when you want it and people when you don’t.

Let us know how we can help you start hiring today.